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Wind Waver - Canada Goose
Wind Waver, WWC-2006
Available in mallard, snow and Canada
June, 2006
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New for 2006

Wind Wavers, the new wind-driven decoys, are sure to be a hit with our customers already familiar with the natural flapping motion provided by our line of jerk-cord activated decoys.

Wind Wavers have no jerk cord to pull and operate on a bungee cord system activated by wind. These natural looking dekes rest in the wings-down position. A gust of wind propels the wings upward, and the patent-pending bungee cord system brings the wings back down. This natural wing flapping cannot be achieved by any other wind driven decoy currently on the market.

Wing Waver - Canada Goose
Canada Goose Decoy in motion!

Also, new for 2006 is our Hunter's combo pack. Our over-the-shoulder camo bag now comes with one Wind Waver and one jerk-cord activated Wing Waver. This ultimate motion kit provides everything you need to bring a spread to life. These items will be available for sale at your favorite retailer June 1, 2006.

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