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Wind Waver - The General Canada Goose Decoy

For the past five years, hunters who have yielded success with our jerk-cord activated silhouettes have asked that we place our wing flapping system on a full body. You've asked for it...and we're delivering for the 2008 waterfowl season!

As seen in the 2008 equipment issue of Wildfowl magazine, the Wing Waver's General, incorporates the quality of Avery's finest full body and the ultra-effective technology of our patented wing system. You can't find a more lifelike flapping decoy on the market!

It arrives ready for the field-just slip the wings into the slots of the decoy body, fasten the strings and the General is ready to command the field with his confident, natural wing flapping, controlled by the tug of the cord.

Take command of your spread and let the General bring 'em in. Remember... Our decoys flag where you can't!

The full body "General" is only $119.95!

Decoys are currently sold out. We expect to have more in stock on 10/10/11. Please sign up on the form below to get alerted by email when the next 45 decoys are available. They won't last long.

Watch the video below to see why this motion decoy is a must have for any serious goose hunter.

Pay close attention to the deadly motion that occurs with just a pull of a chord!


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